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About NOVO

Novo Açai & Granola is a health oriented establishment inspired to bring great taste to our açai bowl!


With our specialty hand-baked granola, we seek to bring a whole new flavor profile and delectable texture to the açai landscape in Singapore today.

Our Açai 

The açai used in our bowls are sourced from single state origin berries - meaning that only the best berries are harvested naturally.


Working together with the indigenous communities in the Amazon rain forest, the finest açai berries are carefully handpicked without cutting down trees in the area to allow for a sustainable process.

Our organic açai blend is




& vegan friendly!

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Our Artisanal Granola

Inspired by home baking recipes that promise the best flavors and quality, the Novo team works tirelessly to provide the most delicious and fresh granola baked from home and from the heart 

With our original recipes, we promise to dazzle your tastebuds with our granola - the PERFECT accompaniment to a cool cup of acai on a hot day.

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