Operations / Our Store

Where is Novo operating at?

We opened our first physical outlet at The Bedok Marketplace! See you there!

Address: 348 Bedok Road, The Bedok Marketplace, #02-09

Operating Hours

Tuesday - Sunday
1130am - 2230pm (last order: 2215)

Public holiday (P.H), eve of P.H hours: check our Instagram for the latest updates

Last order eligible for self pickup: 2230

Are you open during holidays / public holidays?

Head over to our Instagram to get the latest updates when it comes to change in operating hours.

Payment methods

accepted in store

Nets, PayLah!, PayNow, FavePay, GooglePay, Cash

(No Paywave/credit card payments accepted)

Will you have a loyalty program?

We are in the midst of rolling our loyalty program out!

Keep your eyes peeled, and follow our Instagram for the latest updates!



What delivery platforms are you on?

FoodPanda and Grabfood.

Online delivery is paused at the moment.

How are delivery rates charged?

Shipping rates are calculated by GrabFood/FoodPanda respectively.

What if I missed my delivery/my delivery is spilt?

Unfortunately, we are unable to offer a refund/reschedule of orders.

Please send an inquiry to GrabFood or FoodPanda customer service support directly, and contact us via IG dm/email if you require any further assistance.

Corporate / Bulk / Event Orders

Do you do events, or accept corporate/bulk orders?

Definitely, you can contact Novo via IG direct message (dm) or email for us to work the details out.


Novo's Açai

Do I put the açai cup in the freezer or fridge if I do not consume it immediately?

Freezer - ALWAYS!

Treat our açai like ice cream or sorbet, and always store it in the freezer!

Once the açai melts, it will not freeze back to it's creamy consistency.

As such, Novo hopes to see our #novofam in person instead of on delivery platforms, so as to serve our #novofam the best we can! 

Dietary Considerations

Our açai is diary-free, gluten-free, vegan-friendly and keto-friendly!

Those on pescatarian or vegetarian diet can enjoy our açai as well.

However, not all of our açai cups built are vegan-friendly as it might contain honey in the granola, or use honey as the sauce. To customize a vegan-friendly açai cup, let our staff know and we will be more than happy to advice accordingly!

How long can the açai cup last?

Our organic açai blend is preservatives-free, topped with fresh fruits, and only prepared upon order. As such, we recommend for the cups to be consumed asap, either within the same day, or the next day (if kept frozen)!

How long can the açai pints last?

Our organic açai blend is preservatives-free, and we recommend to consume the pint within 2weeks.
If frozen, it can last up to 1 month.

Is your açai halal-certified? 

Yes, our açai is halal-certified.

Novo as a whole is not halal-certified due to the strict regulatory requirements.

However, we do not deal with pork-related products or alcohol in the store!

I'm allergic to granola/nuts! Can you not put it in during the assembly of the açai cups?

Definitely! Let our staff know when ordering in store, or write a note to us when ordering through delivery platforms. We will take extra note of your allergy and exclude both granola accordingly.


Novo's Super Secret Granola

How long can the granola last?

Baked fresh and in small batches every day, our granola can be kept up to 2 weeks if stored in an airtight container. However, we advice our #novofam to consume it asap, to get the best taste and flavour. 

What is the difference between the 2 flavours?

(1) Gula Melaka Fruits & Nuts

  • Baked with cranberries, raisins, almond flakes, sunflower seeds, this is for those who have a savory palate.

(2) Brown Sugar Lotus

  • Baked with raisins, walnut, sunflower seeds and caramelized lotus biscuit, this satisfies those with a sweet tooth.


Novo's Smoothies

Can I choose my sugar level?

We do not add any additional sugar to any of our smoothies, and hence there is no option to customize the sugar level of each drink.


Novo's Sauces

Do you sell your sauces?

Yes! We sell our specially blend almond butter and our cookie butter in one-size jars.

Our Special Blend Almond Butter:

  • Blended with coconut oil

  • Preservatives-free

  • Separation of oil and nut is natural, simply stir the sauce lightly to mix

Can I request for no sauce if I am allergic to it?

(e.g.) allergic to peanut butter

Of course, let our staff know when ordering in store, or write a note to us when ordering through delivery platforms. We will take extra note of your allergy and not put the sauce in!


Any other questions?